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Christmas Parties

“The Magic of Christmas”
(lasts approximately 35 to 40 minutes)

Effects include: A colourful and splashy magical opening (accompanied by taped music) where giant magic wands appear from nowhere, a 1 litre Coke bottle disappears with no trace, four 36-inch silk scarves are produced out of thin air, ending with "the miraculous production of a bouquet of flowers and a beautifully decorated mini-Christmas tree!"

After this opening number, which will last for a few minutes, other effects to follow include:

  • Charlie the Magic Fish - A "Cod" trick where a cloth fish named Charlie magically jumps from one fishing line to another - with a kicker ending!

  • There's Magic in the air - Dozens of Coins are produced out of thin air and from behind spectators’ ears and nose! Great audience participation!

  • Peter Rabbit's Invisible Message - Four Christmas characters (Rudolph, Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and Alfred the head Elf) are introduced as pictures drawn on four pieces of cardboard. One character is chosen and then the magic begins with the help of a zany magic wand, an empty box, an invisible rabbit, and four volunteers from the audience. Lots of laughs here!

  • Ray's Incredible Orange Routine - a $20.00 bill is borrowed and accidently burnt! - only later to be discovered inside an orange. The serial number of the bill is verified to prove it is the same $20.00 bill. This is the trick they'll be talking about after the show!

  • Torn and Restored Newspaper - (accompanied by music) Baffling! with great comedy and lots of jokes.

Wholesome family entertainment at its best!

Note: As Ray's show is ever-evolving, some of the effects and routines listed are subject to change depending on the type of venue, size and type of audience, length of show, etc.

As December is one of the busiest times for Ray, we recommend you reserve your date as early as possible. Call now!

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